Pack horse

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Hunt, with a long train of pack horses, moving across plains or naked hills, is discoverable at a great distance by Indian scouts, who spread the intelligence rapidly to various points, and assemble their friends to hang about the skirts of the travellers, steal their horses, or cut off any stragglers from the main body.
I and these brethren were passing peacefully along the highroad with our pack horses, and a half score of men to guard them, when up comes a great strapping fellow full seven feet high, with fourscore or more men back of him, and calls upon me to stop--me, the Lord Bishop of Hereford, mark thou
Then Robin turned to Little John, and quoth he, "Go thou and Will Stutely and bring forth those five pack horses yonder.
He was related to William Sanderson who ran the Pack Horse Inn at Honley.
If you really know what's going on for Aberffraw councillor, you would know that there is already a problem with vans staying overnight by the pack horse bridge in Aberffraw, where there are no facilities, such as drainage, etc and the problems that can cause.
Janet Niepokojcycks arrived with her pack horse at the Albert Dock.
It is believed to have been built on the site of the pack horse gatehouse of the legendary Allesley Castle.
Dock FC went down 4-2 at Pack Horse and Rock Ferry Social also went out, losing 2-1 after extra-time to Cale Green.
The worst hit area was along Levenside by the old Pack Horse bridge, flooding many houses.
In the 1970's, a pack horse (arriero) trail connected Guayabetal to another mountain-river valley, that of the Rio Guatiquia which flows out of the mountains near Villavicencio.
Intended for young people ages 4-8, That Book Woman is about the Pack Horse Librarians, who traveled to bring the wonders of books to rural children across America.
The Wetherby event on January 31 is a likely target for the mud-loving individual should he get his favoured surface after he trotted up in the Pack Horse Inn Celebrating Wilke's 60th Novices' Chase.