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n.1.(Zool.) A South American fresh-water fish (Myletes pacu), of the family Characinidæ. It is highly esteemed as food.
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Some procedures were done in PACU, under sedation, including an orthopaedic washout and a urological procedure for a groin injury.
It's a wet-and-wild ride in this remote pocket of Indonesia's Sumatra island, where traditional bull racing known as Pacu Jawi is serious business.
In 2019 PACU POWER is being held in Auckland on March 23, 2019 at the Ellerslie Event Centre.
Patients were again assessed on arrival to PACU by monitoring oxygen saturation in semi-recumbent position on room air for up to 5 minutes after shifting to the PACU.
"Miss Kennedy Smith of Lindsay, OK caught a Pacu on a night crawler in Marina Cove at Ft.
Caddo County Game Warden Tyler Howser confirms that the fish was a pacu, a relative of the piranha that is native to South America and can grow up to 50 pounds.
In the CV Pacu, you get to talk to the patient before surgery.
The first NRS in the PACU was 2/10 and subsequent scores were 0-2/10.
Thus, this study investigated the effect of bovine colostrum on antioxidant potential in the gut of juvenile pacu Piaractus mesopotamicus and dourado Salminus brasiliensis.