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n.1.(Zool.) A South American fresh-water fish (Myletes pacu), of the family Characinidæ. It is highly esteemed as food.
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Thus, this study investigated the effect of bovine colostrum on antioxidant potential in the gut of juvenile pacu Piaractus mesopotamicus and dourado Salminus brasiliensis.
To provide a more continuous metric, we formed a composite by adding the PACU and 24-hour nausea scores.
The last session of the morning was "Personalities" presented by Donna MacGregor, an associate clinical charge nurse for PACU, Counties Manukau.
Zoran Spirkovski, head of the department for practical fishing and aquaculture at the HydroBiological Institute in Ohrid, says: "We determined that is an Amazonian pacu, a fish that looks like the piranha but is not a piranha.
The pacu is omnivorous, with specific frugivorous and herbivore feeding habits of an opportunistic pruning type (Dias-Koberstein, Carneiro & Urbinati, 2005).
Lawmakers have asked officials of colleges and universities to provide them with information about their finances and personnel to help justify a P29billion sectoral stabilization fund, said Pacu president Karen Belina de Leon.
Length of stay in PACU in the sufentanil group and fentanyl group were shorter than control group and there were significant differences in sufentanil group versus control group and fentanyl group versus control group (Pless than 0.
In this work, the oral administration of [beta]-glucan to pacu activated receptors since its immune status improved as indicated by enhanced immune responses and increased survival of fish after infection with A.
The South American pacu has a reputation for devouring the tenderest parts of the male anatomy.
Henrick Carl, a fish expert told the publication that pacu bite when they are hungry and "testicles sit nicely in their not so big mouth.