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n. pl. paczki
A round Polish pastry similar to a doughnut, usually filled with fruit and topped with sugar or icing.

[Polish pączki, pl. of pączek, bud, doughnut, diminutive of pąk, bud.]
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Contract award: Zawarcie umEw ramowych na swiadczenie uslugi doreczania i odbioru paczek pocztowych, przesylek kurierskich, oprEzniania nadawczych skrzynek pocztowych oraz obsluge kursEw zwEzkowo rozwEzkowych.
Grzegorz Paczek said: "I noticed the child looked a bit off balance and began to fall forward.
Lord Derby's spokeswoman Rebekah Paczek said: "Newmarket is a growing economy with improving cultural and retail destinations, as well as the growth of the horseracing industry.
The 6-month results of a study presented by Dr Leszek Paczek (Transplantation Institute, Warsaw, Poland) at the WCN revealed that withdrawing steroids from Prograf(r) based regimens in renal transplant patients free from steroid-resistant rejection and with stable renal function at 3 months post-transplant was not associated with any increased risk of acute rejection.
Contract award: Zawarcie umEw ramowych na obsluge kursEw liniowych i doraznych oraz doreczanie i odbiEr paczek pocztowych, przesylek kurierskich i przesylek paletowych.