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A unit of Sanskrit poetic meter, consisting of light and heavy syllables in various restricted combinations, and constituting one quarter of a four-line stanza.

[Sanskrit pādaḥ , foot, quarter, pada; see baht.]
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Tenders are invited for Proposed construction of bridge at rangavali river at karanji ovara at road from navapur city to karanji ovara adivasi padas.
Georges-Jean Pinault examines how the rsis wove their family names into verse: beside transparent self-reference, names are also embedded deep in the seal padas that conclude some of each family's hymns.
We have two terms one Jana Padas means non-monarchical government or autonomous clans and other Mahajanapadas.
Police sources said that Dr Farooq Zia was on his way to home at 6:30 am when armed men picked him up near Pirdas Padas area situated in the jurisdiction of Yakatoot Police station.
Pamatu padas gilinamas, kai reikia pazeminti rusio grindu lygi arba atremti pamatu pada i stipresnu pagrindo sluoksni.
As there was no lake to look after, Upai Semaring left the hill, going to Upper Padas, Sabah, and then Upper Trusan in Sarawak, leaving traces of his journey in the from of menhir and carved stones (batu narit).
Algonquin 4, Westboro 1: Chris Blanchard, Andrew Stukalin and Andy Alexandrescu swept the singles, and the doubles team of Nick DeAngelis and Padas Buivydas also won for the visiting Tomahawks (11-5).
It covers 3080 Gram Panchayats and 4392 villages and 5269 padas in Maharashtra's 26 districts.
But in the sabdabodha framework of sastric analysis, there are four padas viz.
Then it's back to the guest house for breakfast and a six-hour descent DAY EIGHT - white water rafting on the Padas River which runs through the Padas Gorge.
They flew out to Borneo,South East Asia, yesterday, to tackle four tasks: Climb 13,000ft Mount Kinabalu; cycle 180km through the mountains and dense jungle; white water rafting in the turbulent Padas River; and scuba diving in the South China Sea.