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1. A game for two to four participants played with a perforated paddle and a ball similar to a tennis ball on a court having one, three, or four walls.
2. The ball used in this game.


(Ball Games, other than specified) a game involving a paddle and an attached ball


(ˈpæd lˌbɔl)

a game in which players use short-handled, perforated paddles to hit a ball against a wall.
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SAVE: PS5 THE PADDLE BALL SET: Artengo Frescobol beach paddle ball tennis set, Decathlon, was PS7.99, now PS6.95.
From fun gear, such as trampolines and sandpits for the garden, paddle ball and cricket sets for the beach, and footballs and frisbees for the park, there are bargains galore.
The community's rec centers also include indoor running track, tennis, bocce ball, pickleball, paddle ball, and cutting edge fitness equipment.
There are also luxurious resorts including some that are adults-only, a seaside promenade, and relatively clean public beaches where pink British grandmas play paddle ball with their grandchildren next to local teenage boys roughhousing.
ReBounces is even looking into adapting the technology to other sports that use non-bladder balls, such as paddle ball, popular in South America and Europe, and racquetball.
Ride a bike, play tennis or paddle ball. Get involved in a sport or physical activity you enjoy and stick with it.
Leisure Pursuits: "Exercise, which includes racquet sports -- primarily tennis; some squash and paddle ball -- skiing; some walking, hiking, travel and reading." In fact, Jessup and his wife recently spent their 25th anniversary hiking in the Austrian hills.
Just the ashtray, paddle ball, remote control, and these matches...and this lamp, and that's all I need.
He had planned to meet a friend for paddle ball the following day.
CARROLLTON, Texas--Jokari has metamorphosed many times since it first imported "the paddle ball game" in 1974.
They were - most side-to-side hops on one foot in under 30 seconds, most football passes in under 30 seconds, and most beach paddle ball passes in under a minute.