Paddle shaft

the revolving shaft which carries the paddle wheel of a steam vessel.

See also: Paddle

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The Generation II premixer delivers enhanced results by employing a gear driven paddle shaft, quick and full disassembly for easy cleaning, and a robust water injection and mixing chamber.
These authors hypothesised that the observed differences were due to additional recoil forces acting upon the ergometer paddle shaft. During ergometer kayaking, appropriate tension must be maintained between the paddle and flywheel via the connecting chords; this is accomplished via the ergometer's adjustable elastic tension.
In this case it can be used to convert wind power to low speed paddle shaft to synchronous speed drive electric generator.
The company was started in Southern California in 1991 by McBride and Patrick and Mary Ann Kruse, whitewater enthusiasts who created Sticky Stuff, a paddle shaft grip wax, and Rim Rubber, a paddle edge protector.
Set the pins at mid-transom--vertical, parallel, and a 1/2" farther apart than the paddle shaft is thick.
Paddle shaft angle at stroke cycle onset, time to vertical position, draw phase time and draw/transition ratio were all computed from kinematic data.
Gripping a conventional straight paddle shaft causes the wrists to bend as the paddler rotates through the stroke.
Reflective 1 cm diameter spherical markers were placed on the left and right acromions and iliac crests of the participants and on the front side of the bottom of the ergometer paddle shaft prior to testing.