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Noun1.Paddle steamer - a steam vessel propelled by paddle wheelspaddle steamer - a steam vessel propelled by paddle wheels
side-wheeler - a paddle steamer having a paddle wheel on each side
steamship, steamer - a ship powered by one or more steam engines
sternwheeler - a paddle steamer having the paddle wheel in the stern
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As one of the very first American steamboatsaa paddlewheeler named the New Orleansawas the first steamboat to make the historic Mississippi River voyage from Pittsburg, PA to New Orleans, LA in 1811.
White and his wife, Dayna, both Gulfport natives, are the new owners of the Betsy Ann, a 85-foot stern-wheel paddlewheeler that will take passengers on cruises out of Biloxi.
drowned last night when a waterspout capsized the paddlewheeler
I did go down the Mississippi in a paddlewheeler, looking in vain for two fugitives on a raft, but I found only that it was too hot for a Swede, and headed north.
Great American Steamboat Company The newly formed Great American Steamboat Company plans to open for business in mid-August from its Memphis headquarters, with its first cruise set for next April on the 436-passenger American Queen paddlewheeler. Great American Steamboat President Christopher Kyte said the new company will offer three- to 10-night river voyages through AmericaOs heartland, with embarkation points in New Orleans, Memphis, St.
The tall hand clutch, the position of the steering wheel, and a broad steel deck between the seat and the steering column made it possible to operate from a standing position - in fact when I was older I often drove standing up if only because I could fantasize that rather than some hayfield in Sampson Township one was navigating the Mississippi in a Mark Twain paddlewheeler.
She loved travel adventures, went blimp riding in Florida, hot air ballooning in New Mexico, steamboating on a paddlewheeler on the Mississippi River and rafting along the Colorado and Snake Rivers.
Majestic North's 235-passenger paddlewheeler, the Empress of the North, will not fulfill its scheduled 21 voyages this season that would have brought a maximum of 4,935 passengers.
"Ahoy!" Cruise along with TECO/RTAF on board the Paddlewheeler Creole Queen.
The new three-level riverboat, which took its inaugural cruise in March, sails from Tunica County's RiverPark, replacing a smaller paddlewheeler by the same name.
Two other unique options are Carrie B Harbor Tours (on a replica of a 19th century paddlewheeler) and American Rover Tall Ship Cruise (aboard the state's only three-masted topsail passenger schooner).