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(ˈpædɪˌwæk) or


1. Brit another word for paddy2
2. a spanking or smack


(ˈpæd iˌʰwæk, -ˌwæk)

also pad•dy•wack


n., v. -whacked also -wacked, -whack•ing also -wack•ing. Informal. n.
1. a spanking.
2. to spank.
[1895–1900; earlier, a rage, tantrum, an Irishman, appar. Paddy + whack]


[ˈpædɪwæk] Nrabieta f


n (inf)
(= spank)Klaps m
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Texas Gold should be able to sit just behind Paddywhack and Tomthevic and pounce in the final furlong to follow up the Newbury win last time out.
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Paddywhack won by five lengths and in theory will be chucked in if turned out quickly although my advice is beware before taking a short price about him next time out.
The Stade de France is situated in the commune of Saint-Denis, an unremarkable area with limited choices for those seeking a drink although Irish bar PaddyWhacks is one option close to the ground.