Padre Island

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Pa·dre Island

A low sandy barrier island off the southern coast of Texas. It is known as a graveyard for three Spanish treasure ships wrecked during a storm in 1554. Part of the island is a wildlife preserve.
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org) after watching them have so much fun in the sea off South Padre Island. Their trainers stressed that they didn't put on dolphin shows, only demonstrations.
Locations south and west, from Laredo to McAllen to Brownsville to South Padre Island measured 1 to 3 inches of snowfall.
Using transmitters heisted from the Army, the duo begins the trek in Padre Island, Texas, where Tennant radio tags a peregrine falcon that then leads the men to the Arctic and then back sooth through Mexico and Belize, and into the Caribbean.
But when her husband, a kite board instructor, needed to take his business to South Padre Island, Hoxtell was able to transfer to nearby Port Isabel, Texas.
Special -- Padre Island Storm Damage Reduction & Environmental Restoration Team, Galveston District, U.S.
The Bahia Mar Resort & Conference Center represents the essence of South Padre Island. Its world-class hotel and meeting facilities are located amidst 15 lush, tropical acres directly on the Gulf of Mexico.
A 1951 article in Zoologica by John Werler included notes on Kemp's ridley nesting on the Gulf Coast at North Padre Island, Texas, in 1950.
So it's no surprise that Padre Island National Seashore, just off the south Texas coast, is a popular destination--for people and marine life alike.
South Padre Island, TX, RPA (480) 517-9944--February 6-7.
Conference on 21st Century Community Learner Centers: Innovative Tools and Strategies for Extended Day/Extended Year Programs, South Padre Island Convention Centre, South Padre Island, Texas, sponsored by the National School Conference institute and Learning 24/7.
In February, the National Park Service approved gas drilling in the Padre Island National Seashore, allowing 18-wheelers to threaten the nests of endangered sea turtles.
The Son Antonio Express News reports that a leading candidate is a remote section of Texas coast directly across from the Padre Island National Seashore, a refuge for thousands of migrating birds and home to the endangered Kemp's ridley turtle.