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 (păj′o͞o-ə, păd′yo͞o-ə)
A city of northeast Italy west of Venice. An important cultural center during the Middle Ages, it was known for its artistic and architectural works by Giotto, Mantegna, and Donatello. Galileo taught at its university from 1592 to 1610.


(ˈpædʒʊə; ˈpædjʊə)
(Placename) a city in NE Italy, in Veneto: important in Roman and Renaissance times; university (1222); botanical garden (1545). Pop: 204 870 (2001). Latin name: Patavium Italian name: Padova


(ˈpædʒ u ə)

a city in NE Italy. 223,907. Italian, Padova.
Pad′u•an, adj., n.
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Noun1.Padua - a city in VenetoPadua - a city in Veneto      
Venetia, Veneto, Venezia-Euganea - a region of northeastern Italy on the Adriatic


[ˈpædʒʊə] nPadova
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Giovanni, who had but a scanty supply of gold ducats in his pocket, took lodgings in a high and gloomy chamber of an old edifice which looked not unworthy to have been the palace of a Paduan noble, and which, in fact, exhibited over its entrance the armorial bearings of a family long since extinct.
Guasconti mechanically did as the old woman advised, but could not quite agree with her that the Paduan sunshine was as cheerful as that of southern Italy.
Robert Black has two chapters, one on the institutions and practices of elementary education in the highly literate society of Florence in the later Middle Ages, the other on how the avid revival of antiquity starting with Paduan humanists such as Lovato Lovati in the late Duecento was a reaction against the virtual collapse of classically based secondary education earlier in the century.
CAKE gives us the transparency we need to continually improve performance and also helps us better manage campaigns through daily reporting to customers, automated payouts, fraud identification and more, said Mariana Paduan, Affiliate Manager at Confilio.
It is hoped that the Paduan terracotta of around 1510 of a musician astride a donkey playing the lira da braccio, on the stand of Benjamin Proust, may end up in the Met.
8) 'APKLI ibaratkan Prabowo-Hatta paduan sinergi Majapahit-Sriwijaya', Tribun News, 18-5-2014, http://www.
Elijah Del Medigo and Paduan Aristotelianism: Investigating the Human Intellect
In 1494, the probable year in which an illegitimate son was born to the Paduan branch of a wealthy but declining Milanese family of imperial affiliation and a servant likely of recent peasant origin, Charles VIII invaded Italy (Sambin, "Lazzaro" 38-40; Piovan, "Tre schede").
There is much to enjoy in Bokody's close and original readings of virtuoso details in the Paduan frescoes, notably the fictive reliefs below the allegorical figures of Justice and Injustice and the 'embedded narratives' (the term is Wolfgang Kemp's) repeated in different scenes, where otherwise identical fictive reliefs and statues react dynamically to events as they unfold in the frescoes below.
Jeff Paduan, NPS Deans of Research for providing inspiration and institutional data for this work.
Two essays by Alexander Lee and Lorenza Tromboni on the fourteenth century push from Baron's focus on Latin texts that deal with republicanism to suggest that Albertino Mussato's defense of Paduan liberty unfolded within an imperial paradigm and that the vernacular translation of Marsilio of Padua's Defensor pacis had a greater influence on Florentine intellectual life than has previously been recognized.
Another secretary of Alvise Gritti, one Francesco della Valle of Padua (died after 1545) (12), after having talked to some Romanians, indicated that "in their language they call themselves Romans, as they say that in olden times they came from Rome" (si dimandano in lingua loro Romei, perche dicono esser venuti anticamente da Roma); the Paduan author states the same thing about their language, which the Romanians do not call Wallachian (valacca), but Roman (Sai tu Romano?