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(pəˈdu kə, -ˈdyu-)

a city in W Kentucky, at the junction of the Tennessee and Ohio rivers. 29,315.
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Noun1.Paducah - a town in western Kentucky on the Ohio RiverPaducah - a town in western Kentucky on the Ohio River
Bluegrass State, Kentucky, KY - a state in east central United States; a border state during the American Civil War; famous for breeding race horses
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Railroad tracks to and from EMs Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant in western Kentucky recently returned to service after a failed drainage culvert forced a temporary closure.
Paducah Bank has said that it has promoted an executive to assistant vice president (AVP).
Veazey was appointed president of Paducah Community College in 2002, and when the school consolidated with West Kentucky Technical College in 2003, Veazey was named its first president.
Paducah, Dhu-AlQa'dah 20, 1436, Sep 4, 2015, SPA -- Mississippi River barge shipping traffic backed up further Friday after a tow-boat accident and resulting oil spill late Wednesday prompted the U.
Gary Quinn, vice president of sales for Madisonville, Kentucky-based Southern Coal Handling, said coal trains were being unloaded in March at Four Rivers, located near Paducah at Ohio River mile marker 943.
We are optimistic that the results from our environmental science research will help accelerate the clean-up of several Superfund sites in Kentucky, such as the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant," said Lindell Ormsbee, associate director of the Superfund Research Center.
Office of Environmental Management (EM) program at the Paducah, Kentucky site.
Now designers in a central office in Paducah lay out The Sun, as well as the pages of other Paxton newspapers.
Two of the credit unions, the $190 million Paducah Federal Credit Union in Paducah, Ky.
Other regional locations available (Evansville, Bowling Green, Cincinnati, Paducah, etc.
Starting in the early 1990s, Paducah got a glimpse of how arts-based tourism can greatly stabilize a city when the American Quilter's Society established a museum and annual quilting event in the city.
On September 19, 2009, at six o'clock in the evening, Sarah Elizabeth Bynum and William Alexander Roman were united in marriage at Grace Episcopal Church in Paducah, Kentucky.