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The Burmese born goddess, with the captivating British accent, has spent most of her career as an accomplished Model, Pageant Queen and Actress.
A PAGEANT queen and Miss Wales contestant is tackling a tough new pastime - after becoming the first try-scorer for a newlyformed rugby team.
Well, that hit didn't knock the pageant queen down.
It may seem surprising coming from a former pageant queen (she won the World's Our Little Miss competition in 2009) who bedazzled her walking boot after she broke her foot, but when it comes to sports.
Dorothy Dell Goff, a pageant queen, a singer, and an actress, was destined to be a star.
So viewers may be surprised the exbeauty pageant queen, from West Derby, is better known as "the ice queen" because of her "brutal honesty".
In addition, she also said she did not sign up to be a pageant queen, but a "rockstar.
Young pageant queen Jeanette Borhyova represents Slovakia (Slovak Republic), and is facing Spanish actress Penelope Cruz.
Barker has been single since his divorce from former pageant queen Shanna Moakler was finalized in 2008.
From pageant queen to performing star, Pippa Langhorne is determined to turn the female population of Paphos into ladies.
Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (9pm and 9:30pm TLC) THE reality show that makes Geordie Shore look like Downton Abbey, this is a spin off of the US series Toddlers and Tiaras that turned would-be beauty pageant queen Alana Thompson into an American cultural phenomenon.