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 (păj′ĭt), Sir James 1814-1899.
British surgeon and pathologist who identified the cause of trichinosis and described several diseases that were named for him, including a type of breast cancer and a form of osteitis.
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Noun1.Paget - English pathologist who discovered the cause of trichinosis (1814-1899)Paget - English pathologist who discovered the cause of trichinosis (1814-1899)
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It was a twopenny novelette, and the author was Courtenay Paget.
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Kemigin Paget hastaligi (PH) ilk defa 1876 yilinda Sir James Paget tarafindan, kemigin kronik bir inflamasyonu olarak tanimlanmis ve osteitis deformans olarak isimlendirilmistir (1).
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Sir James Paget published the first report making a connection between the observation of a scaling crust of the nipple and breast cancer.
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