Paget's disease

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Pag·et's disease

 (păj′ĭts) or Pag·et disease (-ĭt)
1. A disease, occurring chiefly in old age, in which the bones become enlarged and weakened, often resulting in fracture or deformation. Also called Paget's disease of bone.
2. A rare form of breast cancer involving the areola and nipple and usually associated with underlying ductal carcinoma. Also called Paget's disease of the breast, Paget's disease of the nipple.

[After Sir James Paget.]

Paget's disease

1. (Pathology) Also called: osteitis deformans a chronic disease of the bones characterized by inflammation and deformation
2. (Pathology) Also called: Paget's cancer cancer of the nipple and surrounding tissue
[C19: named after Sir James Paget (1814–99), British surgeon and pathologist, who described these diseases]

Pag′et's disease`

(ˈpædʒ ɪts)

1. a disease characterized by episodic accelerated bone resorption and growth of abnormal replacement bone.
2. an inflammatory condition of the nipple associated with breast cancer.
[1875–80; after James Paget (1814–99), English surgeon]

Paget's disease

A disease that involves the abnormal formation and resorption of bone. Bones become soft, weak, thickened, and deformed.
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Noun1.Paget's disease - a disease of bone occurring in the middle aged and elderly; excessive bone destruction sometimes leading to bone pain and fractures and skeletal deformities
osteitis - inflammation of a bone as a consequence of infection or trauma or degeneration
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Besides, it provides results for the treatment of other metabolic diseases affecting the bones, including Paget's disease of the bone, hyperparathyroidism and tinnitus caused by otosclerosis.
An immunohistochemical study of the presence of c-erbB-2 protein in Paget's disease of the nipple.
Dermatological diseases such as Paget's disease, psoriasis, nummural dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, lichen planus, lupus vulgaris, secondary syphilis should be considered in the differential diagnosis.
One major differential diagnosis physicians must consider when a patient presents with a lesion of the nipple is Paget's disease of the breast (PDB).
Toker cells, precursors of Paget's disease, have been postulated to be the cell of origin in CCP due to their similar anatomical distribution along the mammary line, histological features, and immunohistochemial profiles with both staining positively for EMA, CK-7, and other low-molecular weight cytokeratins.
Diffuse CK7, CAM5.2 and BerEP4 positivity in pagetoid squamous cell carcinoma in situ (pagetoid Bowen's disease) of the perianal region: A mimic of extramammary Paget's disease. Histopathology 2013;62:511-4.
This ruled out a pagetoid spread of melanoma and confirmed a diagnosis of Paget's disease (PD) of the breast.
This provides differentiation from additional entities that typically include giant cells: cherubism, central giant cell granuloma, giant cell tumor in the setting of paget's disease, and aneurysmal bone cyst.
* The use of placental ssue in different forms to address the typical effects of bone diseases including arthritis, osteoporosis, bone tumors, Paget's Disease, and alveolar bone degradation.
* The use of placental tissue in different forms to address the typical effects of bone diseases including arthritis, osteoporosis, bone tumors, Paget's Disease, and alveolar bone degradation.
Then was the mixed lobular and ductal carcinoma in 24 patients (5.38%), 20 patients (4.48%) were having mucinous type, 15 patients (3.36%) had medullary type, 8 patients (1.79%) had papillary carcinoma, 5 (1.12%) had paget's disease of nipple and 3 (0.67%) patients had tubular, 3 (0.67%) patients had inflammatory carcinomas and 2 (0.44%) patients had metaplastic carcinomas (table-I).
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 5, 2017-Mylan introduces generic Reclast Injection for treating Paget's disease