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Sorrow; grief.

[Middle English dolour, from Old French, from Latin dolor, pain, from dolēre, to suffer, feel pain.]
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(ˈdoʊ lər)

sorrow; grief.
Also, esp. Brit.,do′lour.
[1275–1325; Middle English dolour (< Anglo-French) < Latin dolor=dol(ēre) to feel pain + -or -or1]
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Noun1.dolor - (poetry) painful grief
poesy, poetry, verse - literature in metrical form
brokenheartedness, grief, heartache, heartbreak - intense sorrow caused by loss of a loved one (especially by death)
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There the authors emphasize that pain must be understood not only as an "emotional experience" but also as "always subjective." Further, they distinguish sharply between pain and nociception: "Activity induced in the nociceptor and nociceptive pathways by a noxious stimulus," they insist, "is not pain, which is always a psychological state." We should not be surprised that the revolutionary impact of these annotations gets somewhat muted in the one-sentence IASP definition.