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Noun1.paint roller - a roller that has an absorbent surface used for spreading paintpaint roller - a roller that has an absorbent surface used for spreading paint
roller - a cylinder that revolves
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2 You using nothing bristles, and for can be a 2 STROKES OF GENIUS You won't get a good finish without using decent paint rollers and brushes.
Embassy in Copenhagen was transformed in November by New York-based mural artist Steve Powers, who used paint rollers and spray cans to create a mint-green celebration of famed Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen featuring dancing feet and wordplay.
The graduates had to complete the project without any budget, relying instead on their negotiation skills to source everything from furniture and paint rollers to carpets and transport.
To enter, contestants “like” the Money Pit's Facebook fan page for a chance to win one of six Black & Decker Paint Tools including: 2 HVLP Sprayers for precision painting (valued at $100), 2 Airless Sprayers for more power (valued at $99) and 2 paint rollers for indoor painting (valued at $34.
Billie Joe Armstrong and his Green Day cohorts brought out the rock journos and photogs, helping to turn the event into something resembling the blowout Broadway preems of yore, and no one seemed to mind the hotdogs and Fritos Corn Chips as a graffiti artist on stage entertained the masses with his paint rollers and spray cans to the very unpunk-like strains of "Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones.
Many painters, do-it-yourselfers and pros prefer to use conventional unpowered paint rollers, adding an extension handle for ceilings and high wall areas.
Tools/Supplies Needed * Paint * Paint Brushes * Ladder * Paint Scraper * Putty * Paint Remover * Paint Rollers * Roller Tray * Solvent * Drop Clothes * Trowel * Caulking * Patching Plaster * Putty Knife * Brush/Roller Cleaner * Caulking Gun * Crack Filler * Sanding Disc * Wire Brush * Extra Paint Bucket * Wire Wheel * Masking Tape * Caulking Compound * Sandpaper * Sandpaper Holder * Sponge * Exhaust Fan * Undercoat * Mineral Spirits Project Margin Starter Cost Retail Gross Margin Gallon of Paint $22.
The coatings & sealants are applied via commercial spraying equipment and paint rollers.
Myoak Drive started when rags and paint rollers that had been used to refinish a deck with linseed oil spontaneously combusted.
You'll use this to pry up loose paint and open up hollow patches in walls; it's also handy in cleaning paint rollers.
You'll need 12-inch-square concrete pavers; a drop cloth; wet-look concrete sealer (about 1 gallon for a 13- by 13-foot patio--choose one that resists mildew and grease); paint rollers and trays; paint buckets and stirring sticks; tinted flat exterior house paint (1 quart for each color); wood 2-by-4s for the frame; washed sand; carpenter's level; and a rubber mallet.