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Noun1.Pakistani rupee - the basic unit of money in Pakistan; equal to 100 paisa
paisa - a fractional monetary unit in Bangladesh and India and Nepal and Pakistan
Pakistani monetary unit - monetary unit in Pakistan
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OPF has approved an allocation of Pakistani Rupees 30 million in the next financial year budget for awarding of scholarships to children of overseas Pakistanis studying in Pakistan.
Mr Shahzad said CommeArce Secretary Younus Dagha had assured him via phone call on Saturday that used vehicles with bill of lading issued until Dec 31, 2017 shipment would be cleared on the old procedure for duty and tax payment in Pakistani rupees.
of their power consumption, along with billions of Pakistani rupees, by embracing energy-efficient technology.
Imran Khan further said that as many as two-hundred billion Pakistani rupees were lying abroad.
was said to have dialled 999 and told the police operator that he would deliberately start a fire in the company's accommodation at Jebel Ali if he was not paid 20,000 Pakistani rupees [Dh700] while he was drunk in February.
Haji Sarwar Khan, a teller at Kabul Saray Shazada money exchange market says, "Dealings in foreign currencies such as Pakistani rupees and US dollars have decreased and this is the result of the combined effort of both people and the government.
The statement further added that the group has confessed killing a local elder for 20,000 Pakistani Rupees in front of his home.
He was taken to hospital, 69 capsules of heroin were found in his gut and he subsequently confessed to smuggling the drugs in return for 130,000 Pakistani rupees (BD480), according to court documents.
45afs, while 1,000 Pakistani rupees accounted for 561afs.
Emirates Islamic, or EI, on Thursday announced the launch of a campaign which offers Indian and Pakistani expatriates in the UAE 30 days free Accidental Life Takaful cover when transferring amounts in Indian and Pakistani rupees back to their respective home countries, along with zero transfer fees when the transaction is done at the branch.
7 million Saudi Riyals, 54,000 UAE Darham and 67,000 Pakistani rupees being shifted to Pakistan from Afghanistan.
It also mentions various travel packages in Pakistani rupees - of course an estimated and average number - that you could avail for reaching your desired tourist spots.