Pakistani rupee

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Noun1.Pakistani rupee - the basic unit of money in Pakistan; equal to 100 paisa
paisa - a fractional monetary unit in Bangladesh and India and Nepal and Pakistan
Pakistani monetary unit - monetary unit in Pakistan
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Firstly, the Pakistani Rupee has depreciated by around 5 per cent.
He said with new arrangements of swap with the Chinese currency, it is feared that the Pakistani rupee would further depreciate, adding it would not augur well for economy and increase the burden of foreign debt.
They said that declining exports, rising trade deficit, miseries of Pakistani rupee and poor international ranking in doing business call for good economic plan from the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
The World Bank said that Pakistani rupee is overvalued.
KARACHI -- In apparent backlash of the falling value of Pakistani rupee against the US dollar in local market and an increase of crude oil prices in the international market, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) is expected to raise the petroleum products prices by Rs10 for January.
The price of oil has increased in the international market over the previous 20 days and the Pakistani rupee has also devalued against the dollar.
The Pakistani rupee shed significant value against the US dollar.
The Pakistani rupee has witnessed volatility during the last week, losing as much as four per cent of its value as the State Bank of Pakistan allowed the currency to depreciate in a controlled manner.
Islamabad -- The devaluation of Pakistani rupee against American dollar has been continued and the exchange rate crossed 112 figure against the dollar despite the claims by State Bank of Pakistan to take necessary measures in this regards.
The Finance Minister, Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar, during an emergent meeting of the officials of Finance Division, has taken notice, expressed deep concern, indignation and disappointment at the fact that the current political situation is being exploited by certain individuals, banks and entities, resulting in the artificial rise of the interbank rate of the US Dollar versus the Pakistani Rupee, which has negatively affected our Foreign Exchange (FX) markets.
During the conversation they discussed the reported ban on the holding of Pakistani rupee in Afghanistan.
The Afghani has not been able to replace the US dollar, Pakistani rupee and Iranian rial in many parts of the country despite the efforts of both the previous and present government.