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A deep-fried fritter made of vegetables or meat dipped in a chickpea batter, served as an appetizer or a snack in South Asian cuisine.

[Hindi and Urdu pakoṛā, from Sanskrit *pakvavaṭaḥ : pakva-, past participle of pacati, he cooks; see pekw- in Indo-European roots + vaṭaḥ, lump, ball of pulse fried in oil.]


(Cookery) an Indian dish consisting of pieces of vegetable, chicken, etc, dipped in a spiced batter and deep-fried: served with a piquant sauce
[C20: from Hindi]
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This consists of mixed pakora, two poppadoms and spiced onions, any two curries, fried rice and naan bread.
ISLAMABAD -- The prevailing chilly weather has increased due to recent spell of rains , the demand for fried Pakora and samosas adding charm to enjoy the weather traditionally in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
Modi had wanted his critics, who are blaming him for leading India into a jobless growth, to consider pakora selling as a gainful employment.
Another surprising omission was good old-fashioned fish and chips, while there was no room on the menu for anything from India, with the quartet we grilled forgoing the delights of pakora, bhajis and tikka masala.
Tharoor made a direct attack on Modi by saying: "The one who said he will neither be corrupt nor tolerate corruption is today talking about pakora (a savoury).
The Wicked Kitchen range includes everything from sweet potato pakora wraps and rainbow curry bowls to nana's mushroom bolognaise and caponata sourdough pizza.
that profiteers have almost doubled the prices of fish, pakora, dry fruits and warm clothes when the first rain of winter season hit twin cities.
The Wee Fella's black pudding pakora was the kind of deep-fried ball served in other places as a bonbon.
chicken tonightMOUTHWATERING PAKORA FORGET your regular takeaway - here's how to serve up an impressive platter of this favourite Indian dish at home.
We have launched an authentic Punjabi menu where customers get a chance to eat scrumptious Punjabi specialities like pindi channa, alloo wadiya, dhaba kukkad, kadi pakora, sarson ka saag, and various other items.
The study found starters such as onion bhaji chicken pakora as onion bhaji, chicken pakora and chicken tikka contained one third of an adult's total daily amount for salt.
BREAD PAKORA Pakora is a favourite breakfast and tea-time snack in India - stuffed or plain and served with a hot, sweet chutney, this is real comfort food Indian style