Palace court

a court having jurisdiction of personal actions arising within twelve miles of the palace at Whitehall. The court was abolished in 1849.
- Mozley & W.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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I believe I saw him mount a gray horse and leave the palace court. But is not your eminence going to the queen?"
He put this second one so perseveringly that a stool and twelve shillings a week were at last found for Tip in the office of an attorney in a great National Palladium called the Palace Court; at that time one of a considerable list of everlasting bulwarks to the dignity and safety of Albion, whose places know them no more.
He, however, added that the Ooni must be spiritually fortified to bear the intimidating weight by those saddled with such responsibilities within the palace court, saying the moment the traditional ruler emerges with the crown, there would be sporadic firing of dane guns, which would somehow lighten the weight of the crown to enable the traditional ruler forge ahead in fulfilling the annual and compulsory obligation.
Ultras of Al-Ahly club - File photo CAIRO -- 10 March 2018: The Nile Palace Court of the State of Emergency postponed on Saturday the first court session of 17 members of "Ultras Ahlawy" to April 14, accusing them of crowding in front of Al-Ahly Club.
Section II.A outlines the Cow Palace court's analysis concerning whether manure may constitute a solid waste under RCRA.
answers Palace Court Hampton 10 Yankees; York New 9 Perth; 8 Ivory; 7 Volvo; 6 128; 5 15; 15-4 Messi; Lionel 3 Informants; 2 Mosul; 1 questions: 10 Simpson.
His six-page letter - expected to fetch PS20,000 when it is auctioned by Bonhams - was penned at the Palace Court Hotel in Bournemouth, Dorset.
It starts at 7.30pm every day at the Ancak Saji Ubud Palace Court Yard built in the 16th century.
The Cow Palace court seemed to ignore Congress' view that agricultural products such as manure which can be recycled or reused are of no concern in terms of regulation.
This judgment led to the lost of her influence as people no longer attend her palace court and market place.
He turned professional in 2005 and moved to England to work at the Hampton Court Palace court. By 2008, Riviere was ranked number 2 in the world and had acquired an impressive resume full of titles including US Open Doubles and Singles Champion, French Open Doubles Champion, European Open Champion and US Professionals Singles Champion.