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1. A paragon of chivalry; a heroic champion.
2. A strong supporter or defender of a cause: "the paladin of plain speaking" (Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.).
3. Any of the 12 peers of Charlemagne's court.

[French, from Italian paladino, from Late Latin palātīnus, palatine; see palatine1.]


1. (Historical Terms) one of the legendary twelve peers of Charlemagne's court
2. (Historical Terms) a knightly champion
[C16: via French from Italian paladino, from Latin palātīnus imperial official, from Palātium Palatine2]


(ˈpæl ə dɪn)

1. any of the 12 legendary peers or knightly champions in attendance on Charlemagne.
2. any knightly or heroic champion.
3. a determined advocate or defender of a cause.
[1585–95; < French < Italian paladino < Late Latin palātīnus imperial functionary, n. use of adj.; see palatine]
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Noun1.paladin - someone who fights for a cause
defender, guardian, protector, shielder - a person who cares for persons or property


A person revered especially for noble courage:


nPaladin m
References in classic literature ?
Here is a crumbling wall that was old when Columbus discovered America; was old when Peter the Hermit roused the knightly men of the Middle Ages to arm for the first Crusade; was old when Charlemagne and his paladins beleaguered enchanted castles and battled with giants and genii in the fabled days of the olden time; was old when Christ and his disciples walked the earth; stood where it stands today when the lips of Memnon were vocal and men bought and sold in the streets of ancient Thebes!
Like the ancient paladins, he has only undertaken this war to obtain a look from his lady love.
There hath he hung his arms and trenchant blade Wherewith, achieving deeds till now unseen, He slays, lays low, cleaves, hews; but art hath made A novel style for our new paladin.
Edricson and Terlake rode behind him in little better case, while Ford, a careless and light-hearted youth, grinned at the melancholy of his companions, and flourished his lord's heavy spear, making a point to right and a point to left, as though he were a paladin contending against a host of assailants.
It was, in fact, Jehan, who was running as fast as his heavy outfit of a Paladin, and a long ladder which trailed on the pavement, would permit, more breathless than an ant harnessed to a blade of grass twenty times longer than itself.
Fueled in part by Paladins early investments, PhishMe pioneered the field of training employees to avoid devastating spear-phishing attacks, a common attack vector for hackers.
Hydrologist- Paladins work best when they can play minions on curve and it's one of the reasons Secret Paladin was so successful.
We are very pleased to announce the addition of Magnums market leading mulching attachments to Paladin's current lineup of 12 leading attachments brands," says Bill Van Sant, Paladins current president and CEO.
2nd Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery, maintain and operate the Paladins as a piece of the 39th Brigade Combat Team's artillery firing battery.
The demonstration began when the Paladins were loaded on trucks at Anniston Army Depot, Alabama, for transport to the Port of Charleston, South Carolina.
As part of the exercise, each of the four Paladins was outfitted with a different tracking device, made by a different manufacturer test capabilities.