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Noun1.Palaic - an Anatolian language
Anatolian, Anatolian language - an extinct branch of the Indo-European family of languages known from inscriptions and important in the reconstruction of Proto-Indo European
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palajskipalajski jezik
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6', 13': With ti-i-u-ni-is(-za) and [ti]-[??]-u-ni (d.-1.), one suspects the Hittite counterpart of Palaic tiuna-, denoting the 'bull' (cf.
Included is the extensive citation of Anatolian comparanda (Palaic, Lydian, Cuneiform Luwian, Hieroglyphic Luwian, and Lycian) on p.
This case has no direct correspondences in the morphological systems of other ancient Indo-European languages, but it is not isolated within the Anatolian family: locatives in -a are attested in Palaic, (20) and Luvian also shows occasional locatives in -a beside usual dative-locative singular forms in -i.