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A British argot associated especially with gay culture and the theatrical world, including words derived from a variety of sources such as Italian, Romani, Yiddish, and British rhyming slang.

[Polari, to speak, from Italian parlare; see parlando.]
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(pəˈlɑːrɪ) or


(Languages) an English slang that is derived from the Lingua Franca of Mediterranean ports; brought to England by sailors from the 16th century onwards. A few words survive, esp in male homosexual slang
[C19: from Italian parlare to speak]
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The lake overflowing has flooded villages of Urs Mallah, Ari Mallah, Ayub Palejo, Jumo Mallah, Khan Mohammad Soomro, Dadu Shah Mohammad Jokhio, Siddiqu Mirbahar, Gulzar Palejo, Noor Mohammad Jokhio, Dadu Palari, Khan Muhammad Soomro and others.
While commenting on the situation, Medical Superintendent, LGH, Dr Anwer Palari claimed, 'The trauma centre at the hospital is in its final phase and would be completed very soon.'
Addressing news conference at press club here leaders of IDO Zain Dawoodpoto executive director, Mahmood Ghumro, president forest workers association, Shams Khoso, Abdullah Palari, Gada Hussain Bhatti told newsmen that lower staff of forest department under orders of supreme court and SHC were trying to clear illegal occupation of forest lands with cooperation of civil society and media were faced with attacks by armed men of Waderas of officers who were occupying forest lands and in many cases forest staff were arrested by police on behest of Waderas and officers who were occupying illegally forest lands.
The meeting was also attended by Muhammad Sharif Palari, Rehman Shar, Allah Dino Parho and others.
Pasban Democratic Party Sindh leaders Sultan Khaskheli and Hakim Palari in a joint statement said so far more than 70000 people have already been reported bitten by stray dogs in Sindh this year and many deaths are also reported due to dearth of vaccine and lack of medical facilities in remote areas.
The villages, according to PPHI data, are Gul Sher Brohi, Umer Palari, Zaheer Barch, Chalgri Mari, Tando Saeed Khan, Goth Soomar Mirjat, Goth Mevo Hajano, Goth Mitho Hajano, Akhund Fazal Siddiqui, Wanki Wasi and others.
From Balochistan Principal of Palari school Nausheen Asif obtained first, Principal Airport road school queetta Robina Amjad second and Principal Jinnah Town School Hina Kanwal got thrid position.
Pasban leaders Khalil Ahmed Palari, Ameen Haideri Palari and Vero Kolhi spoke the reception.
“Twice As Strong: 12 Seconds, 2 Brothers and the Marathon that Changed Their Lives” (Palari Publishing, ISBN 9781928662280) comes out April 1, 2014, in time for the anniversary of that tragic day in Boston history.
FFC is installing 4 water filtration plants at Goth Khameeso Shoro, Goth Umer Chang and Goth Suleman Palari to cater the need for uninterrupted and hygienically clean drinking water.
Zaidecites the following indio revolts having occurred in protest of forced labor and tribute: "Magalat's Revolt in 1596, the Gaddang Revolt in 1621, the Caraga Revoltin 1630, the Cagayan Revoltin1639, Sumoroy's Revolt in 1649-50,Malong's Revolt in 1660-61, Dagohoy's Revolt in 1744-1829, Silang's Revolt in 1762-63, and Palari's Revolt in 1762-64."