palatal myoclonus

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pal·a·tal my·o·clo·nus

n. mioclono palatino, contracciones rítmicas del paladar, los músculos faciales y el diafragma debido a lesiones cerebrales.
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The common causes are vascular disorders (like severe anaemia, thyrotoxicosis, or pregnancy causing venous hum, AV malformations, aneurysms, aberrant vessels as in persistent stapedial artery and dehiscent jugular bulb, vascular tumours such as glomus tumours, hypertension), neuromuscular disorders (like palatal myoclonus, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, spasm of stapedius, or tensor tympani), miscellaneous (patulous Eustachian tube, local inflammation), etc.
Palatal myoclonus is a rather specific finding for AOAD; however it is only observed in one-third of patients (9).
While subjective tinnitus consists of noises only the patient can hear, objective tinnitus refers to noises, including somatosounds such as turbulent blood flow or palatal myoclonus, that a physician could at least theoretically detect by auscultation or with an amplifying device.