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There is 1 pair of palatine bones in which part of the human body?
4), malar bone posteriorly and the palatine bone below and behind; whereas in tiger it articulated with frontal, maxilla and palatine bones (Joshi), in camel with frontal, maxilla and zygomatic (Singh), in horse with nasal and palatine (Getty), in ox with nasal (Raghavan) and in dog with palatine bones in addition to frontal, maxilla and zygomatic (Miller et al.).
Depression of the mandible rotates the quadrate bones rostrally and pushes the pterygoid bone, palatine bones, and jugal arches forward, having as a result the rostrum maxillare (upper mandible, jaw, or bill) swinging forward and upward at the craniofacial hinge where the bone is thin and flexible.