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a.1.(Bot.) Chaffy; resembling or consisting of paleæ, or chaff; furnished with chaff; as, a paleaceous receptacle.
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5 cm stem solely covered by disintegrated old fragments of the leaf sheaths; Leaves fasciculate, persistent and concentrated in the distal portion of the stem, apparently monomorphic except for the shortly triangular, spinose, paleaceous reduced leaves of the renovation shoots; sheaths narrowly oblong-ovate, ca.
two-armed, flagellate); pappus of one to more series of bristles, equal to unequal in length, scabrid to plumose, capillary to somewhat rigid and paleaceous, reduced to a crown of fringed scales, or absent.
Cypselae densely villose; pappus of scabrid bristles, half capillary and short and half somewhat paleaceous, clavate at the apex and longer.
5 cm, acuminate, ending in a subrigid spine, densely imbricate and completely enfolding the scape, distinctly exceeding the internodes, entire, paleaceous, densely white-lepidote outside, glabrous and wine colored inside.
Cypselae glabrous; pappus of slightly scabrid bristles, half are capillary, half somewhat paleaceous and longer.
5 cm, soon paleaceous and drying anthesis enrolling the margins, thinly coriaceous toward the apex, membranaceous at base, entire, densely and minutely white-lepidote abaxially, glabrous adaxially, distinctly exceeding the internodes, erect to reflexed.