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An ancient Mayan city of southern Mexico southeast of Villahermosa. It is the site of the Temple of Inscriptions, noted for its hieroglyphic tablets.


(Spanish paˈleŋke)
(Placename) the site of an ancient Mayan city in S Mexico famous for its architectural ruins


(pɑˈlɛŋ kɛ)

a village in SE Mexico, in Chiapas state: ruins of an ancient Mayan city.
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Francis of Penance and Christian Charity in Palenque, Mexico, focus on ministry with women--particularly indigenous women in Mayan communities, where opportunities for education, especially for girls, are still limited.
Notwithstanding pseudoscientific claims that falsely make an ancient astronaut--blasting into space--out of a Maya king shown dying on his stone sarcophagus at Palenque, Mexico, the ancient Maya lords did tether themselves to the sky with celestial umbilicals.
My site is Palenque, Mexico, and the great majority of the artefacts of that 'city of inscriptions' are simply no longer there.