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 (ăl′tə-mîr′ə, äl′tä-mē′rä)
A group of caverns of northern Spain west-southwest of Santander. The caves contain magnificent specimens of Paleolithic art discovered in 1879.


(Spanish altaˈmira)
(Placename) a cave in N Spain, SW of Santander, noted for Old Stone Age wall drawings


(ˌæl təˈmɪər ə)

a cave in N Spain, near Santander, noted for its Upper Paleolithic polychrome paintings of bison, deer, and pigs.


[ˌæltəˈmiːrə] N the Altamira caveslas cuevas de Altamira
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In my own curriculum, it is the first lesson in a Paleolithic Art Unit.
The first pictures: perceptual foundations of Paleolithic art.
Zone 6 Lascaux and the art of the Twentieth Century scenic facility highlighting the influence of Paleolithic art on modern and contemporary art.
It is a fine monument to an artist whose trademark still lifes explore the possibilities of both figurative and abstract modes with unstinting rigour, taking inspiration from a broad range of sources including Abstract Expressionism and paleolithic art.
The new way of life generated a new consciousness and new artistic expressions, abstract symbols transcending the eidetic consciousness (5) of Paleolithic art whose greatest achievement lay in the unsurpassable realism of the cave paintings of Lascaux.
Scholars of paleolithic art honor their esteemed colleague Marshack (1918-2004) with 22 essays about him, his contribution to the field, and topics of particular interest to him.
50 Cheltenham The Cuevo de Tito Bustillo (Cave of Tito Bustillo) in Asturias, Spain is regarded as one of the greatest sanctuaries of European Paleolithic Art.
Other scholars might extrapolate from the astonishing but thin record of Paleolithic art to the present state of artistic practices and aesthetic tastes.