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 (pā′lē-ō-pĭ-dŏl′ə-jē, -pĕ-)
The study of geologically old and generally fossilized soils, especially to obtain information about the history of environmental and biological conditions on Earth.

pa′le·o·pe·do·log′i·cal (-də-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) adj.
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paleopedology, palaeopaedology

a branch of soil science that studies the soils of past geologie times. — paleopedologist, palaeopaedologist, n.paleopedologic, palaeopaedologic, paleopedological, palaeopaedological, adj.
See also: Geology
the branch of pedology that studies the soil conditions of past geologic ages. — paleopedologist, palaeopedologist, n. — paleopedologic, palaeopedologic, paleopedological, palaeopedological, adj.
See also: Soil
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Ana Conea was a founding member of the Romanian National Society of Soil Science, member of the International Association of Soil Science, member of the Commission on paleopedology of AISS, member of INQUA Commission for the study of loess, and member in the working group of ECA/FAO for the drawing up of the Soil map of Europe.