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Noun1.Palestine Authority - combines the Gaza Strip and the West Bank under a political unit with limited autonomy and a police force; created in 1993 by an agreement between Israel and the PLO
political entity, political unit - a unit with political responsibilities
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Palestinians have gone on protests to demand justice for Israa and take legal action against her family members as the Palestine Authority confirmed an investigation was launched in the matter with no more details.
Camp David Accord failed after Sadat's assassination, also the Palestine Authority was not accepting Israel's occupation.
While banks' direct lending to the Palestine Authority (PA) remains comfortably below the regulatory limit, the IMF said that they have a similar level of additional exposures to the PA via credit to PA employees and holdings of promissory notes.
At the headquarters of Oman Mission at the UN, he met the coordinator of the United Nations for Peace Process in the Middle East and the Special Envoy of the Secretary General of Palestine Authority Nikolay Mladenov.
Palestine's exclusion from SAFF suggests Saudi irritation with Palestine Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' refusal to accept the United States as a mediator in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict following Trump's Jerusalem decision and protests by soccer fans against a Saudi effort to impose a coach on the Palestinian national team who has close ties to the kingdom.
When Modi reaches Ramallah, the capital of the Palestine Authority, from Jordan's capital Amman in a helicopter, he will be the first Indian prime minister to visit Palestine where he will meet President Mahmoud Abbas.
The Palestine Authority (PA) will reject any further peace talks if they are spearheaded by the US, Abbas stressed, branding David Friedman, the US ambassador to Israel, "a settler" and "an offensive human being" with whom he has refused to meet.
Modi himself claimed that his visit "marks a path breaking journey of engagement." And he proved it with India's drastic policy shift with regard to the Palestine Authority. With one stroke, Modi upended the policy followed by India for 70 years, by avoiding a customary visit to Ramallah, seat of the Palestine Authority.
It was highly criticised by the Egyptian press and accused El Sherif of obtaining funds from the Palestine authority. The film severily attacked the Arab regimes and accused them of being a major cause behind the killing of Naji al-Ali.
The HRW campaign against the Israeli settlement teams came as Palestine Authority president Mahmoud Abbas told the UN general assembly earlier this month that he would put forward a Security Council resolution that would condemn the Israeli outposts.