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A Prakrit language that is a scriptural and liturgical language of Theravada Buddhism.

[Short for Sanskrit pālibhāṣā, language of the row, series of Buddhist sacred texts, from pāliḥ, row, perhaps of Dravidian origin.]


(Languages) an ancient language of India derived from Sanskrit; the language of the Buddhist scriptures
[C19: from Sanskrit pāli-bhāsa, from pāli canon + bhāsa language, of Dravidian origin]


(ˈpɑ li)

the Prakrit language of the Buddhist scriptures.
[1685–95; short for Skt pāli-bhāsa language of the canonical texts =pāli line, row, canon + bhāsa language]
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Noun1.Pali - an ancient Prakrit language (derived from Sanskrit) that is the scriptural and liturgical language of Theravada BuddhismPali - an ancient Prakrit language (derived from Sanskrit) that is the scriptural and liturgical language of Theravada Buddhism
Prakrit - any of the vernacular Indic languages of north and central India (as distinguished from Sanskrit) recorded from the 3rd century BC to the 4th century AD
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