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Noun1.Palinuridae - spiny lobstersPalinuridae - spiny lobsters      
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
Decapoda, order Decapoda - lobsters; crayfish; crabs; shrimps; prawns
genus Palinurus, Palinurus - type genus of the family Palinuridae
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'The new species belongs to the Palinuridae family (Kubo, 1963).'
Few species-specific fisheries worldwide exist for the slipper lobsters (Scyllaridae), in contrast to those for the spiny lobsters (Palinuridae) and clawed lobsters (Nephropidae), although some slipper lobsters have significant commercial value (Spanier and Lavalli, 2007; Duarte et al., 2010).
Exploitation of spiny lobsters (Family Palinuridae) occurs worldwide.
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As familias mais representativas em numero de especies citadas foram Portunidae, Grapsidae e Palinuridae. Ja quanto ao numero de citacoes entre os entrevistados, as familias com maior representatividade foram Portunidae, Palinuridae e Ocypodidae.