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Noun1.Palinurus - type genus of the family PalinuridaePalinurus - type genus of the family Palinuridae
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
sea crawfish, spiny lobster, langouste, rock lobster, crawfish, crayfish - large edible marine crustacean having a spiny carapace but lacking the large pincers of true lobsters
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One solitary distant star Is all I have to guide me, A brighter orb than those of old That Palinurus lighted.
Size at maturity, fecundity and reproductive potential of a protected population of the spiny lobster Palinurus elephas (Fabricius.
It is as if one might see in a dream what Aeneas is said to have seen in the world below (although what the poem said was untrue), and the likeness of some unburied man should appear to him who would speak the same words as Palinurus is said to have spoken to him; and when he awakes, he would find the body in that place where in his dream he was told it lay unburied, and which he was encouraged and asked to bury when found; and because he finds this to be true, he believes that the dead are buried so that their souls will pass to places from which in his dream the souls of the unburied are prohibited by a law of the underworld.
2012 Sub-system Study Fishery, target species, location, or research topic Natural Lutjanus guttatus Trammel net, Palinurus elephas, population Mediterranean coast, Spain dynamics (catch data analysis) Snapper-grouper complex, Florida Keys Size-based indicators to evaluate fishing impacts Mortality and suitable exploitation ratios (E) Mortality and suitable exploitation ratios (E) Shrimp trawl, L.
Curculio's incensed slave Palinurus throws further insults at Planesium: propudium, ebriola, nugae (190-2), which De Melo translates as "slut," "drunken girl," and "trash," respectively.
95-112) argues that Valerius reconstructs, comments upon and/or deconstructs different parts of the epic tradition he inherits specifically by showing how the epicist rewrites the deaths of Idmon and Tiphys in Apollonius with reference to the deaths and funerals of Palinurus and Misenus in the Aeneid and of Elpenor in the Odyssey.
Programmatic examples are the cape named for Palinurus (VI.
Concurring Aeneas orders sails trimmed and Palinurus guides them to the friendly confines of Sicily where Acestes rushes down to greet them heavy with rustic treasure to offer as welcoming gifts [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Next morning Aeneas stands on a hill addressing his crew: "Guys with a year having passed since I buried the bones of my divine father and us having reached this happy shore instead of pissing another year away in exile --let's celebrate
Cholinesterases from Maia verrucosa and Palinurus vulgaris: A comparative study.
El mismo funcionario consular me dio una trygon joven extraida del utero de la madre, y la corteza de una palinurus grande, procedentes de las Islas Galapagos.
Os potiquiquia eram lagostas do genero Palinurus que, no seculo XVI, deveriam ser encontradas em boa parte do litoral da America portuguesa.