Palisade cells

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(Bot.) vertically elongated parenchyma cells, such as are seen beneath the epidermis of the upper surface of many leaves.

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Later masses of bacterium were observed either filled an area occupied by palisade cells. The nearby palisade and spongy parenchyma cells were observed to become surrounded by bacterium with subsequent thinning and disruption of cell walls.
More specifically, the presence of more shrunk mesophyll cells (Figures 3(g) and 3(h)), due to palisade cells collapsed in the lower portion (Figure 3(g)) and spongy cells characterised by more angular shape (Figure 3(h)), was found.
Leaves from the plants grown at 10/20degC not only had more spongy mesophyll tissue, but also longer palisade cells, compared to the leaves from the 20/30degC treatment.