Palissy ware

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glazed pottery like that made by Bernard Palissy; especially, that having figures of fishes, reptiles, etc., in high relief. See Palissy, below.

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The plants and animals in Palissy ware were so accurate because he cast them from life.
RUSTIC: A Palissy ware charger, circa 1860-1885 which sold for PS520
"This body of work is a surreal mix of fact and fantasy," said Dias, adding that she had been inspired by the flamboyant 16th century French Palissy ware.
During the late 1880s a Piero della Francesca cost only half as much as renaissance majolica or Palissy ware. This only shows how much we are all tied to the taste of our times.
Palissy ware had a revival in France in the 19th century under Charles-Jean Advisee & I.
For the Great Exhibition of 1851 they created a related style of pottery which used transparent lead glazes instead of opaque tin glazes and which they named Palissy ware.