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 (pə-lā′dē-ō, pä-lä′dyō), Andrea 1508-1580.
Italian architect who developed a style based on the classicism of ancient Rome, breaking with the ornate conventions of the Italian Renaissance. His works include the Villa Rotonda and the Palazzo Chiericati in Vicenza.
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(Italian palˈlaːdio)
(Biography) Andrea (anˈdrɛːa). 1508–80, Italian architect who revived and developed classical architecture, esp the ancient Roman ideals of symmetrical planning and harmonic proportions. His treatise Four Books on Architecture (1570) and his designs for villas and palaces profoundly influenced 18th-century domestic architecture in England and the US
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(pəˈlɑ diˌoʊ)

Andrea, 1508–80, Italian architect.
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Noun1.Palladio - highly original and much imitated Italian architect (1508-1580)Palladio - highly original and much imitated Italian architect (1508-1580)
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Then there is the Fortune Theatre near Cripplegate, and, most charming of all, two views--street and river fronts--the Duke's Theatre, Dorset Garden, in Fleet Street, designed by Wren, decorated by Gibbons--graceful, naive, dainty, like the work of a very refined Palladio, working minutely, perhaps more delicately than at Vicenza, in the already crowded city on the Thames side.
The avenue ran through a noble park, between lines of ancient elms, and ended in a low, widespread house, pillared in front after the fashion of Palladio. The central part was evidently of a great age and shrouded in ivy, but the large windows showed that modern changes had been carried out, and one wing of the house appeared to be entirely new.
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