Pallial sinus

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(Zool.) an inward bending of the pallial line, near the posterior end of certain bivalve shells, to receive the siphon. See Illust. of Bivalve.
(Zool.) See under Pallial.

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In parallel with the anatomy of the siphons and pallial sinus shape, the identity of the species was corroborated by a mitochondrial 16S rRNA gene analysis.
The internal shell coloration of Ruditapes philippinarum is mainly characterized by purple-colored spots on the muscles and pallial sinus, as well as pallial sinus impressions and ventral margin of valves (Quero & Vayne 1998).
The shells were described based on the following characteristics: shell shape, umbo, ligament position, ligament location, ligament type, hinge line, dentition, musculature, pallial line, and pallial sinus. Qualitative descriptions were then used to correlate the numerical data obtained from GM analysis.
The three species are integripalliate since they don't have a pallial sinus [4].