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A portable computer that is smaller than a notebook computer.
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(ˈsʌbˌnoʊt bʊk)
a laptop computer smaller and lighter than a notebook, typically weighing less than 5 pounds (2.3 kg).
[1990–95, Amer.]
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(HQ: Tokyo, President and CEO: Kenji Hamashima), today announced that the company will start offering the super-affordable, palm-top photo absorption sensor (PAS), PiCOEXPLORER[TM], manufactured by Ushio Inc., in the US on April 1, 2016.
JANUARY 10--The X PRIZE Foundation and Qualcomm Foundation announce the launch of the $10 million Qualcomm Tricorder X PRIZE, a global innovation competition with the goal to revolutionize healthcare by giving consumers palm-top access to information about their own health.
Embassy officials then allegedly downloaded classified data from the transmitter using palm-top computers.
Other items stolen include batons, a can of CS gas, a riot shield, a pounds 300 palm-top computer and a BlackBerry device.
Major product categories in the 2010 shipments include MP3 players, portable multimedia players (PMPs), digital cameras, palm-top game consoles etc.
Since iPhone users are already familiar with the mix of internet accessibility and palm-top access, the leap to using the tap-to-download list and user-friendly network access screens are quite intuitive.
The keys to the vehicle were taken and their car stolen together with personal items including a lap-top and palm-top computer.
A palm-top computer, only slightly bigger than a new mobile phone, which holds everything from mugshots to crime scene descriptions is being tested in north Liverpool.
AS well as being a palm-top organiser this stainless steel handset is a satellite navigation system too.
In addition, Sony Corp intends to introduce a palm-top computer with touch screen and built-in keyboard in Japan on 27 May, and later in the US, working on Microsoft's Windows XP operating system, for around JPY170,000.
'At the moment we are actually piloting a scheme where people use palm-top computers,' she said.
British secret service men then visited it and furtively downloaded the data on to palm-top computers, it was claimed.