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 (päl′mä) also Palma de Mal·lor·ca (də mä-yôr′kä, thĕ mä-lyôr′kä)
A city of western Majorca Island, Spain, on the Bay of Palma, an inlet of the Mediterranean Sea.


(Spanish ˈpalma)
(Placename) the capital of the Balearic Islands, on the SW coast of Majorca: a tourist centre. Pop: 367 277 (2003 est). Official name: Palma de Mallorca


(Italian ˈpalma)
(Biography) Jacopo (jaˈkopo), known as Palma Vecchio, original name Jacopo Negretti. ?1480–1528, Venetian painter, noted esp for his portraits of women


(ˈpɑl mɑ)

the capital of the Balearic Islands, on W Majorca. 321,112.
Also called Pal′ma de Mallor′ca.
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From Alexandria the route will be taken homeward, calling at Malta, Cagliari (in Sardinia), and Palma (in Majorca), all magnificent harbors, with charming scenery, and abounding in fruits.
8m (AED400m), the contract will see Khansaheb deliver the latest offering from Palma Development, a subsidiary of Palma Holding - within 22 months from signing.
Palma is a great choice for all holiday makers, from families to groups and couples and is just 15-20 minutes from the Airport with international and boutique shops, museums to explore and vibrant nightlife.
I had looked to see how Palma performed in the latest City Costs Barometer pricing survey by Post Office Travel Money but it was not included.
Palma Hospitality has exponentially expanded over the last 2 years by undertaking substantial recruitment drives all in order to employ the necessary staff to handle each of these brands.
LA PALMA FIRST Choice offers 14-night holidays to La Palma staying at the Travelife Gold awarded 5Sun Hotel La Palma Princess & Spa Premier resort in Fuencaliente on an all-inclusive basis from PS898 per person (saving PS440 per person).
Hotel La Palma |Princess & Spa Hotel La Palma |Princess & Spa
dubai -- As part of the ambitious expansion of the Arabian Ranches, one of the most-sought after lifestyle communities in Dubai, Emr Properties recently unveiled its Spanish-inspired villas under Palma.
Over the course of his forty-year career, De Palma has directed such iconic films as "Carrie," "Scarface" (1983) and "The Untouchables.
But Palma writes with such shrewdness and glee that I enjoyed The Map of Time more than any time-travel novel since Connie Willis's To Say Nothing of the Dog.
May 21, 2011 Amman -- In an attempt to outline the region's entrepreneurial businesses, the international AllWord Network ranked Palma amongst the 30 fastest growing Jordanian companies.
So I think it's such a shame that for most visitors to Majorca, their only view of Palma is from the traffic-filled roads on their way to the beach resorts.