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 (päl′mä) also Palma de Mal·lor·ca (də mä-yôr′kä, thĕ mä-lyôr′kä)
A city of western Majorca Island, Spain, on the Bay of Palma, an inlet of the Mediterranean Sea.


(Spanish ˈpalma)
(Placename) the capital of the Balearic Islands, on the SW coast of Majorca: a tourist centre. Pop: 367 277 (2003 est). Official name: Palma de Mallorca


(Italian ˈpalma)
(Biography) Jacopo (jaˈkopo), known as Palma Vecchio, original name Jacopo Negretti. ?1480–1528, Venetian painter, noted esp for his portraits of women


(ˈpɑl mɑ)

the capital of the Balearic Islands, on W Majorca. 321,112.
Also called Pal′ma de Mallor′ca.
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From Alexandria the route will be taken homeward, calling at Malta, Cagliari (in Sardinia), and Palma (in Majorca), all magnificent harbors, with charming scenery, and abounding in fruits.
Despite our unworthiness, we were chosen by God,' said Palma in his homily.
Admitting that the Church and government may have their differences, Palma said those differences should not prevent them from cooperating.
La Palma holds a unique carnival called La Fiesta de Los Indianos (Festival of the Indians).
Palma claims that Legacy Community Health had, for a year and a half prior to her being fired, allowed her to play 20-minute videos addressing birth control.
A former accomplice of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, Palma has been transferred to a maximum-security lockup in Mexico until he goes to trial for two murders.
Quiero pedir disculpas a Estados Unidos por el error que cometi", dijo Jesus JBK Hector Palma Salazar, entonces de 45 anos, al juez Larry Alan Burns el 11 de febrero de 2008, en una sala de la Corte de Distrito Sur de California.
8m (AED400m), the contract will see Khansaheb deliver the latest offering from Palma Development, a subsidiary of Palma Holding - within 22 months from signing.
Palma is a great choice for all holiday makers, from families to groups and couples and is just 15-20 minutes from the Airport with international and boutique shops, museums to explore and vibrant nightlife.
Estudos de espacamento entre linhas e densidade de plantas em palma forrageira sao escassos, assim sao necessarias pesquisas mais conclusiva sobre esses assuntos.
Hotel La Palma |Princess & Spa Hotel La Palma |Princess & Spa
La palma de cera del Quindio ha ganado un gran aprecio entre los colombianos desde que fue declarada arbol nacional de Colombia mediante la Ley 61 de 1985 (Congreso de Colombia, 1985).