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 (päl′mä) also Palma de Mal·lor·ca (də mä-yôr′kä, thĕ mä-lyôr′kä)
A city of western Majorca Island, Spain, on the Bay of Palma, an inlet of the Mediterranean Sea.


(Spanish ˈpalma)
(Placename) the capital of the Balearic Islands, on the SW coast of Majorca: a tourist centre. Pop: 367 277 (2003 est). Official name: Palma de Mallorca


(Italian ˈpalma)
(Biography) Jacopo (jaˈkopo), known as Palma Vecchio, original name Jacopo Negretti. ?1480–1528, Venetian painter, noted esp for his portraits of women


(ˈpɑl mɑ)

the capital of the Balearic Islands, on W Majorca. 321,112.
Also called Pal′ma de Mallor′ca.
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The new company is headquartered in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
Prominent among current projects for their emblematic value and their influence on the urban environment are those in Palma de Mallorca (with 170,000 m2 of land which can be built on), Barcelona, where more than 116,000 m2 of land are available and which will be the most important project since the 1992 Olympic Games in the sea front of Barcelona; and Malaga, where the 153,000 m2 of land on the city's seafront promenade will radically alter the appearance of the area.
FlightSafetyBoeing's (FSB) 834 square meters Palma de Mallorca Training Center near Palma de Mallorca International Airport is now providing comprehensive flight and technical training.
men's basketball team struggled to a 96-77 win over South Korea in the opening game of the World University Games in Palma De Mallorca, Balearic Islands.
Futura"), a Palma de Majorca corporation located in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, for conversion of B737-300 aircraft from passenger to freighter configuration.
The highest number of departures will reportedly be to Antalya in Turkey, Chania in Crete and Palma de Mallorca, Spain, with three weekly departures for each destination.
Harris also noted the new service to Spain made possible by the alliance saying, "This agreement will allow us to offer our customers service to Barcelona, Malaga and Palma de Mallorca for the first time, further expanding the reach of our global network.
volleyball team that will compete at the World University Games from July 3-11 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
PALMA DE MALLORCA, Spain -- Sol Melia Hotels & Resorts has re-launched its website, http://www.
This is just the beginning for us to Eastern Europe," founder Niki Lauda said in Palma de Mallorca.
The airline will reportedly operate two MD80 aircraft between 15 May and 15 October from Palma de Mallorca.