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A medieval European pilgrim who carried a palm branch as a token of having visited the Holy Land.

[Middle English, from Anglo-Norman palmer, paumer, from Medieval Latin palmārius : Latin palma, palm; see palm2 + -ārius, n. suff.]
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1. (Historical Terms) (in Medieval Europe) a pilgrim bearing a palm branch as a sign of his visit to the Holy Land
2. (Historical Terms) (in Medieval Europe) an itinerant monk
3. (Historical Terms) (in Medieval Europe) any pilgrim
4. (Angling) any of various artificial angling flies characterized by hackles around the length of the body
[C13: from Old French palmier, from Medieval Latin palmārius, from Latin palma palm]


1. (Biography) Arnold. born 1929, US professional golfer: winner of seven major championships, including four in the US Masters (1958, 1960, 1962, 1964) and two in the British Open (1961,1962)
2. (Biography) Samuel. 1805–81, English painter of visionary landscapes, influenced by William Blake
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(ˈpɑ mər, ˈpɑl-)

1. a pilgrim, esp. of the Middle Ages, who had returned from the Holy Land bearing a palm branch as a token.
2. any religious pilgrim.
[1250–1300; Middle English palmer(e) < Anglo-French palmer, Old French palmier < Medieval Latin palmārius, Latin: palmary]


(ˈpɑ mər)

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Noun1.Palmer - United States golfer (born in 1929)
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