n. pl.1.(Zool.) Same as Natatores.
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In: 10eme Journees de la Recherche Avicole et Palmipedes a Foie Gras, pp.
Feather mites of waterfowl and wading birds of the orders of rails, grebes, palmipedes, anserines, herons, gulls and limicoles.
Un cas tres connu, pour le moins en Italie, est celui du poete Gabriele d'Annunzio, qui poussait son excentricite jusqu'a forniquer avec des palmipedes.
The Hungarian Andras Csyllaghy will shoulder him as vice-president, while Jean Schwebel, a producer in the East of France, will become honorary president, said the Comite interprofessionnel des palmipedes a foie gras (Cifog), on 26 October.
Interestingly, the ability of birds to form fatty liver in response to overfeeding depends not only on the species, but also on the breed of Palmipedes (Hermier et al.