n.1.(Bot.) A South African plant (Prionium Palmita) of the Rush family, having long serrated leaves. The stems have been used for making brushes.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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For their transgressive labor--they continue to work on the god's feast day--their house and their weaving are transformed into a vineyard, and creeping vines, for "coepere virescere telaeinque hederae faciem pendens frondescere vestis; / pars abit in vites, et quae modo fila fuerunt, palmite mutantur; de stamine pampinus exit; / purpura fulgorem pictis adcommodat uvis" (the weaving all turned green, the hanging cloth / Grew leaves of ivy, part became a vine, / What had been threads formed tendrils, from the warp / Broad leaves unfurled, bunches of grapes were seen, / Matching the purple with their colored sheen) (Metamorphoses IV.
En, plures debrians impendo pocula Bacchi, Vinitor expressit quae flauescentibus uuis Pampinus et uiridi genuit de palmite botris, Nectare cauponis complens ex uite tabernam.
Ab ilia autem die dedit Dominus benedictionem, et vinea ilia Domini Sabaoth dedit fructum suum, extendens palmites suos usque a mare, et ultra mare propagines suas.
Christus se vitem dixit(34) sed sicut apostoli essent palmites et Pater agricola.