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n.1.A pole or timber of any kind; - in the names of trees.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It not only makes "a carpenter of a man; it makes a man of a carpenter." In one sense, therefore, it is of greater value than any other institution for the training of men and women that we have, from Cambridge to Palo Alto.
The town of Palo Alto and Stanford University had been sacked in similar fashion, we learned.
Alicant, Carthagena, Palos, and Malaga will be passed but a mile or two distant, and Gibraltar reached in about twenty-four hours.
Jedox, a supplier of Open Source based planning, analysis and reporting solutions, has developed an ODBO/XMLA driver for the Palo OLAP Server that allows all ODBO-enabled Windows clients and XMLA based web service consumers to retrieve Palo data.
At four regional centers in Minneapolis, Tampa, Richmond and Palo Alto, veterans and active duty military members receive the best in rehabilitation and care.
In addition, we bring in 600 youngsters under court order out of East Palo Alto, and we run the Lucille Packard Children's Hospital school, and all of the youngsters who come through there.
Category: Condominiums--for sale (tie); Entrant/ Architect/Interior designer: MBH Architects, Alameda, Calif.; Builder: Vance Brown Builders, Palo Alto, Calif.; Developer: SummerHill Homes, Palo Alto; Land planner: BAR Architects, San Francisco; Landscape architect: Melvin Lee Associates, San Francisco
Today, Palo Seco sits more than half empty Statues of saints stare at empty pews in the dusty chapel.
Today's office productivity tools - E-mail, voice mail, modems, computers, printers, fax machines make the job of communicating across state or national borders as easy from Lincoln as Palo Alto.
Amid powerful roadfellows jockeying for position in a valuable local information infrastructure, Palo Alto is holding its ground.
We shall examine how these changes played out in the three towns of Antioch, Palo Alto, and San Rafael.
Eric Drexler, who heads the Palo Alto-based Foresight Institute.