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n.1.(Zool.) A polystome worm (Palolo viridis) that burrows in the coral reefs of certain of the Pacific Islands. A little before the last quarter of the moon in October and November, they swarm in vast numbers at the surface of the sea for breeding, and are gathered and highly esteemed as food by the natives. An allied species inhabits the tropical Atlantic and swarms in June or July.
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One reason May marks the peak season for tarpon is because of the palolo worm hatch.
The Green Archers completed their massive comeback from a 12-1 deficit when Palolo Casas brought home Boo Barandiaran from second to complete a six-run seventh inning and take a 13-12 lead.
Tingkat Bahaya Erosi (TBE) Pada Hutan Dan Lahan Kakao Di Desa Sejahtera, Kecamatan Palolo, Kabupaten Sigi (Level of hazard of erosion on forest and cocoa land in prosperous Village of Palolo Sub-district, Sigi Regency).
We are excited to start this partnership with Qatar Airways and Discover Qatar and look forward to bringing Czech visitors to Qatar in the future." Brand Manager of Italian tour operator, Viaggidea, AlpitourS.p.A., Palolo Guariento said:"The beach properties offer customers a great value for a winter sun break in warm and luxurious surroundings.
Chief Executive of Czech tour operator, Fischer Group, Jiri Jelinek shared the same views saying that with recent changes to visa regulations, direct flights and proximity of destination, he sees the potential of Qatar, an exciting destination for "sun-seeking clientele." Brand manager of Italian tour operator, Viaggidea, Alpitour SpA, Palolo Guariento said the beach properties offer customers a great value for a winter sun break in warm and luxurious surroundings.
Phylogeny and genetic diversity of Palolo worms (Palola, Eunicidae) from the tropical North Pacific and the Caribbean.
This study was conducted in February-June 2011, at three different altitudes, namely: (1) Solouwe Village, Sigi-Biromaru Subdistrict at 150 m altitude, (2) Makmur District, Palolo Subdistrict at 450 m altitude, and (3) Bobo village, Palolo Subdistric at 750 m altitude.
Another elementary school partner is Palolo Elementary, where young students proudly show visitors impressive science and technology projects they have undertaken, via assignments from teachers who have gone through Chaminade University training.
The exhibition also includes works of contemporary artists namely Ana Hatherly, ngelo de Sousa, Antonio Palolo, Alberto Carneiro, Alvaro Lapa, Eduardo Batarda, Gaetan, Joaquim Bravo, Joaquim Rodrigo, Jorge Martins, Michael Biberstein, Pedro Calapez and Rui Sanches.
Palolo's earliest efforts in film--three 8-mm black-and-white animations from around 1968-69 (two untitled and another called metamorphosis)--are most closely connected to his painting in their juxtaposition of figurative and geometric elements, a recurrent characteristic of his canvases.
This latter pattern of delayed spawning response is similar to the results found by Hauenschild (1960) working with the effects of lunar periodicity on the palolo worm Platynereis dumerilii.