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n. pl. Palouse or Pa·louses
A member of a Sahaptin-speaking Native American people formerly inhabiting an area of southeast Washington and northwest Idaho, with present-day populations in northeast Washington.
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Judging by how hot it was, the day could have been mid-July, but piling into the back of an open pickup truck bed for the ride back to town, I could feel the wonderful day's warmth trapped between the peaks and valleys of the rolling Palouse hills, but with unmistakable pockets of cold air trapped in between.
The project will be built in an area near the Residence Inn by Marriott hotel and the Palouse Ridge Golf Course.
He covers a wide variety of regional topics: the strangely aligned hills of the Palouse that appear to be laid out by a surveyor; the University of WashingtonAEs personally created salmon run that returned to the campus to spawn each season; hot times at the Hanford nuclear facility; his trip to Taiwan for the Seattle Times in 1978, the search for early Chinese writing, among others.
1m in costs related to the Palouse Wind Project through the Power Cost Adjustment mechanism rather than through base rates.
Mike Leach might not be the most popular guy on the Palouse this November.
In the Palouse region, pea, chickpea, and lentil are currently used as rotation crops with wheat, the main crop," says geneticist Jinguo Hu, who leads ARS's Plant Germplasm Introduction and Testing Research Unit in Pullman, Washington.
Owner/Operator Mark Engberson is partnering with Palouse Restaurant Group to open the five new stores.
Spokane, Moses Lake, Brewster, Tri-Cities and Palouse region.
The investments include the Palouse Wind project in Washington and the Route 66 Wind project in Texas, which is currently under construction.
In the Palouse region, which straddles both states, there are more than 150,000 acres producing chickpeas today, up from about 12,000 acres in 2000, said Todd Scholz of the USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council, the trade group for the nation's growers.
The drive covers 15 communities in the Palouse area of Idaho, and in addition to collecting canned goods donations from residents, local farmers donate food they've grown, including peas, lentils and beans.
Later in 2012, CIRI also became a tax partner with Boston-based First Wind in the 105-megawatt Palouse Wind project in eastern Washington.