Pamlico Sound

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Pam·li·co Sound

An inlet of the Atlantic Ocean between the eastern coast of North Carolina and the Outer Banks.

Pamlico Sound

(Placename) an inlet of the Atlantic between the E coast of North Carolina and its chain of offshore islands. Length: 130 km (80 miles)

Pam′li•co Sound′

(ˈpæm lɪˌkoʊ)
a sound between the North Carolina mainland and coastal islands.
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Uncle Salters, returned the night before with Penn, from Pamlico Sound, received him suspiciously.
Occasionally I'd get a chance to fish with the locals in Pamlico Sound, mostly for weakfish and red drum, our redfish.
As of early Friday morning Arthur's eye was moving near mainland Dare County and northern Pamlico Sound with hurricane conditions spreading northward along the Outer Banks, according to the NHC.
ABSTRACT Several restored oyster (Crassostrea virginica Gmelin) reefs in Pamlico Sound, North Carolina, have experienced recent population crashes, potentially caused in part by clionid boring sponge infestation of the marl rock (a calcium carbonate-mud composite material) commonly used as a reef substrate and of the shells of oysters that colonize the marl reef foundation.
Smaller adults showed evidence of density-dependent movement and were recaptured only in adjacent estuarine systems, the Pamlico Sound and lower Chesapeake Bay, during periods of increased stock abundance.
We remained about two hours, went over the swash into Pamlico Sound and anchored for the night.
The magazine selected New Bern to be in the top 10 for its ideal location with easy access to the Neuse River, Trent River and Pamlico Sound.
He first hunted ducks with best friend Jeff Barwick and Jeff's father Jim, a veterinarian, on public lands like the Tar, Neusef and the Roanoke Rivers on famed Pamlico Sound.
North Carolina is only about 20 miles from the proposed uranium mine and residents, public officials and lawmakers there worry that a catastrophic release of radioactive waste could poison Kerr Lake, the drinking water source for more than 118,000 North Carolinians, as well as contaminate the fishing- and recreation-rich Roanoke River as far east as Pamlico Sound.
In addition, the North Carolina Department of Transportation awarded a contract to Conrad for the construction of a 220-foot passenger and vehicle ferry for servicing the Pamlico Sound routes between Cedar Island and Ocracoke, and Ocracoke and Swan Quarter.
Once the pipe was completely fused, we floated the pipe about 15 miles from the State Park Facility located on the Atlantic side through the Pamlico Sound using a tow boat and a trail boat to keep the pipe from straying," said Bryant.
50-caliber machine gun steady in between live-fire drills on the Pamlico Sound near Piney Island, N.