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Noun1.Panadol - an analgesic for mild pain but not for inflammationPanadol - an analgesic for mild pain but not for inflammation; also used as an antipyretic; (Datril, Tylenol, Panadol, Phenaphen, Tempra, and Anacin III are trademarks of brands of acetaminophen tablets)
analgesic, anodyne, pain pill, painkiller - a medicine used to relieve pain
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
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The credible sources have disclosed the currently Rawalpindi Benazir Bhutto hospital was facing acute shortage of medicines including anti-biotic, Paracetamol, Panadol and the medicines that helpful in seasonal diseases like flue, allergy, temperature.
Her father said to me, 'Look, the truth is she wouldn't know tramadol from a Panadol.
Dubai: A waiter has been jailed for four years for possessing and consuming banned pills although he had blamed a pharmacist for selling him tramadol instead of Panadol.
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has concluded its investigation into whether GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) made misleading statements about a price increase of its Panadol Osteo products.
Captain Expert Sulaiman Abdullah Al Naqbi, from the Forensic Evidence Department at Abu Dhabi Police, said one trend police are seeing is dealers disguising Panadol as captagon, with the scam becoming more prevalent.
GlaxoSmithKline led sleep aids with a 26% value share in 2015, leveraging the high brand popularity of the Panadol umbrella brand for Panadol Night, which is very well known in the United Arab Emirates.
The player is now able to further leverage on its strong global brand equity and the popularity of its leading brands, Panadol and Actifed, along with Novartis Consumer Health brands such as Otrivin, Sinecod, and Orofar.
Bahrain: Pills stolen from health centres are being crushed and mixed with powdered Panadol to make narcotic drugs, an MP alleged yesterday.
There are 250 million panadol tablets sold here every year.
Back then we discovered that ibuprofen-based painkillers such as Nurofen could only be purchased from pharmacies, while aspirin-based painkillers such as Aspro Clear and paracetamol-based analgesics such as Panadol could be bought from pharmacies, kiosks and supermarkets.
Summary: The Health Ministry issued a recall Wednesday on children's Panadol syrup from Lebanese markets due to a dosage labeling error.
Dubai - The UAE Ministry of Health has issued a warning over the usage of Panadol Suspension (Infant and Children).