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Noun1.Panadol - an analgesic for mild pain but not for inflammationPanadol - an analgesic for mild pain but not for inflammation; also used as an antipyretic; (Datril, Tylenol, Panadol, Phenaphen, Tempra, and Anacin III are trademarks of brands of acetaminophen tablets)
analgesic, anodyne, pain pill, painkiller - a medicine used to relieve pain
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
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To make quick money, some business people are killing us with mercury in sugar, Round Up in maize and wheat, formalin in milk, Panadol in githeri and microwave ovens for heating our foods.
The Joint Venture brings together two highly complementary portfolios of trusted consumer health brands, including GSK's Sensodyne, Voltaren and Panadol and Pfizer's Advil, Centrum and Caltrate.
The Aboriginal woman was treated by two A&E nurses who gave her Panadol - a medication used to treat pain and fever - and an iceblock, and then prematurely discharged her within 34 minutes without calling for a doctor, the inquest heard.
The visiting team taking notice of shortage of basic medicines like Panadol and Colic drops in the BHU directed District Health Officer to immediately provide medicines to all BHUs.
'Balochistan's poor have no access to even basic medicines like aspirin and panadol. Unfortunately our own people are responsible for this state of affairs and they should be held accountable,' Mr Mengal said.
QUETTA: With irony, today we have been claiming to reach the moon but poor people in Balochistan have no access of Aspero and Panadol, doctors community and health officials must come forward to revamp provincial health structure.
For this reason, there is a worldwide ban on supply of medicine from medical stores without doctor's prescription except Panadol and Ponstan tablets.
The unavailable medicines include life-saving drugs for cardiovascular diseases, medication for respiratory disorders, MMR vaccines a preventive vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella for children, blood pressure medication, drugs like Tegral for epilepsy, Rivotril and Xanax for psychiatric disorders, Panadol and other medicines.
Similarly Abbot, GSK and Novartis multinational pharmas are allowed to illegally produce their products called Arinac Forte, Panadol CF, Actified P and Restoril by DRAP, but rest of Pakistani companies are not allowed to register this product on the basis that no international drug regulatory authority has these products registered with them due to their harmful effects.
Maybe you also add that there are no two Afeniferes; if it's not panadol, it cannot be like panadol.
OWN: Anadin, Advil, Centrum & Caltrate OWN: Panadol, Sensodyne, Aquafresh & Voltaren
Agency: Grey Dubai On a low budget, Panadol searched for tweets that expressed the pain of losing during the World Cup, then replied to them individually with comforting words and a link to gift vouchers for humble treats such as massages or cinema tickets.