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 (pə-nī′, pä-)
An island of the central Philippines in the Visayan Islands northwest of Negros. Corn and rice are among its crops.


(Placename) an island in the central Philippines, the westernmost of the Visayan Islands. Pop: 3 500 000 (2000). Area: 12 300 sq km (4750 sq miles)



an island in the central Philippines. 2,595,314; 4446 sq. mi. (11,515 sq. km). Cap.: Iloilo.
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From Panay to Sulu: What makes this Artefino different
Once completed, the inter-island linkages between Panay, Guimaras, and Negros will provide an efficient thoroughfare system in Western Visayas, and the transportation of goods and services to and from these islands will be faster, easier and convenient, it added.
In a press briefing Wednesday, Build, Build, Build Committee Chairperson Anna Mae Lamentillo disclosed the Department of Public Work and Highway's (DPWH) plan to build an inter-island bridge that would pass through Panay, Guimaras, and Negros, which will provide a road network from one island to another in the region that will be longer than the existing longest bridge in the country.
The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is keen on expanding bamboo plantations and establishing processing plants on Panay Island to boost the country's wood supply.
Snake triggers 8-hour blackout in Panay Island !-- -- Jennifer Rendon (The Philippine Star) - January 5, 2019 - 12:00am ILOILO CITY, Philippines A snake that wandered into the switch yard of the island's power grid caused an eight-hour blackout in most of Panay Island yesterday.
Microsoft's vice president Panos Panay recently had an interview in which he revealed that the company won't be releasing such a device. 
Andrew Panay, a feature film producer of hits like Wedding Crashers and Van Wilder, founded creative agency BLK-Ops in 2012 to tackle a challenge given to him by Microsoft--condense memorable cinema into 60-second spots, which was above and beyond his production of an energetic film for Microsoft Surface.
Microsoft's Corporate VP of Devices, Panos Panay, has said that there is no such thing as Surface Pro 5 Speaking with CNET, Panay says Microsoft will launch the Surface Pro 5 only when it feels that it has achieved a meaningful change with the product.
To be a successful business start-up you don't necessarily need to re-invent the wheel, but if you aspire to be a good start-up, then you should definitely find ways to make better use of it, says Panos Panay, the founder and managing director of the Boston-based Berklee Institute of Creative Entrepreneurship.
Manila: Security forces arrested a top female communist leader in Panay. Authorities said the capture is a serious blow to the 46-year-old insurgency movement.
Baby Panay, named after an exotic island in the Philippines, was the first to hatch and weighed just 68g.