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 (pə-nī′, pä-)
An island of the central Philippines in the Visayan Islands northwest of Negros. Corn and rice are among its crops.


(Placename) an island in the central Philippines, the westernmost of the Visayan Islands. Pop: 3 500 000 (2000). Area: 12 300 sq km (4750 sq miles)



an island in the central Philippines. 2,595,314; 4446 sq. mi. (11,515 sq. km). Cap.: Iloilo.
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They accidentally landed in Panay Island where they were greeted by the friendly residents, the Aytas.
As the only Filipino and the only Asian finalist, Insilada is credited for introducuing a culture-based teaching method to students from the Panay Bukidnon indigenous group in the mountains of central Panay Island.
Instead of reviving the railway system on Panay Island, economic planners in Western Visayas region are keen on pushing the construction of an expressway that will link the provinces of Aklan, Capiz and Iloilo.
Kurihara, a Food Science major from Tokyo University of Agriculture, said the flying fish-derived condiments may be sold to local restaurants in Panay Island that serve Japanese food.
Leonel Abordo said that a supplier from Panay Island is being contracted for the project that will initially supply about a thousand heads of two month old chicks to would be beneficiaries.
Another AirAsia plane |has been involved in a landing in which passengers disembarked via the emergency slides after an apparent over-shooting of the runway in bad weather at Kalibo on Panay Island in the Philippines.
Our personnel are able to reach some of the more remote communities, including the numerous small islands scattered along the coast of Panay Island," said Colonel Stephen Kelsey, with Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC), after two weeks on the ground.
Royal Navy destroyer HMS Daring was sent to the Philippines from Singapore and is surveying the damage around the northeast coast of Panay Island.
By early evening on Friday it was centered to the west of Aklan province on Panay Island, 320 kms (200 miles) south of Manila, after blasting the island resort of Boracay.
First, this scene was a very real incident that occurred in the Panay Island town of Igbaras on November 27, 1900.
This descriptive study determined the exercise motivation and exercise attribution of recreational athletes in one of the major cities in Panay Island.
Our efforts were directed to one of the hardest hit areas, the Visayan region, which includes the provinces of Iloilo, Aklan and Antique on Panay Island.